Friday, April 25, 2014

Major upgrade to the words in Chinese Tutor

Today we have applied a major upgrade to the words in Chinese Tutor. The upgrade results in lots of improvements across all parts of Chinese Tutor.

Overall Enhancements
  • To provide more context, most words will now have up to 3 definitions.
  • Several words which previously had errors are now resolved. We try hard to minimize errors in Chinese Tutor's words. If you find any words that don't look quite right, let us know and we'll get them fixed as soon as we can.
Enhancements to Flashcards
  • We heard your feedback that flashcards containing country names, the names of people, and long words were annoying. Many of those words no longer show up in Flashcards. More common (and shorter) ones will continue to appear. (eg. 美国, 中国, etc.)
Enhancements to the Dictionary
  • Chinese Tutor now has more than 100,000 words in the database. You will get more results when searching the Dictionary, and there will be fewer occasions where there are no results for what you are searching for.
  • Many words can now more easily be found using English searches in the Dictionary. We've added more variations and data so that searching using English will work better.

Already unlocked words

Unfortunately, a side-effect of upgrading the words in Chinese Tutor is that some words you have not seen before may be included in the unlocked set of words. If it becomes overwhelming, one option is to reset your progress via the Account page. Another option we are offering to Premium subscribers (including Prepaid) is that we can roll back the number of unlocked words a bit (eg. 150 unlocked to 100 unlocked). Please contact us if you would prefer that option.